Crystallographic Software -- Manuals and Installation

Some Scott Lab Links

Some Unix Links to get you started

Raw Data Processing Programs:  


Crystal Structure Solution Programs:

CCP4 on-line

CCP4 locally on Mac OS X  

Hammerhead Ribozyme examples  (by W. G. Scott)

CNS on-line

CNS locally on Mac OS X  (or just type cns_web ).

Hammerhead Ribozyme examples  (by W. G. Scott)

Brief Description

Manual as postscript file

Eden Quick Start  (by W. G. Scott)

Molecular Graphics Display Programs:

O (This is the standared crystallographic display and model building program).
Essential Overview

A-Z of O


OMAC index -- various macros, programs, etc.

Uppsala Software Factory
--  O-related Programs and O tutorials.

Pymol  (This is a work in progress and is in many respects my prefered program).

Pymol Users Manual

Pymol FAQ

Introduction to Pymol for Mac OS X

Introduction to Pymol for Windoze

Movie How-to page

Pymol Tips (very extensive)

Pymol example scripts and programs

Installing Crystallographic Software

Crystallography on Apple's Mac OS X

Suggestions I make to my students

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