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Bootstrap Compilation: 10.4 branch (including Intel)

If you have problems with the above, or simply prefer to compile everything yourself (for finer control), do this:

Download the latest fink version

Download the latest fink tarball from sourceforge. Create a temporary directory to unpack this, eg:

mkdir -p src/fink
cd src/fink
tar xvfz fink-0.xx.yy.tar.gz

Bootstrap it

cd into the directory this creates, and issue the following command:


This will take awhile. Tell it to create fink in /sw unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise. (Doing otherwise will prevent you from using precompiled debian binaries from fink or from me).

Configure it to run Unstable

Edit the file /sw/etc/fink.conf, and change the line that looks like this

Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto  

to this:

Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto unstable/main unstable/crypto

Update it

Issue the commands

fink selfupdate
fink update-all

Now you have an up to date package listing and base fink installation of the 10.4 tree.

Using "Unstable" packages

If you need a lot of packages from the unstable branch of fink, here is How to Activate the Unstable Branch in fink.

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