Fortran alternatives for intel macs

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Fortran Compilers

g77 doesn't work on intel macs. You have several other fortran options in fink and elsewhere:


This is the official gnu successor to g77, and you can install it with fink. Fink now has a working version of gfortran. To get it, you must install the fink gcc43 package.


Another option is g95, and this can often be used as a drop-in replacement for g77. For example, I was able to get fftw, pgplot, and a few other things that required g77 to compile and work with g95, just by doing a global search and replace.

What is currently in fink works on intel.


fort77 is a perl wrapper for g2c, also allowing it to be a drop-in replacement (sometimes) for g77. Several programs will compile using this option if they find it but not g77.

What is currently in fink works on intel.

Intel's proprietary fortran compiler

Intel has made available a demo of its fortran compiler.

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