Installing Data Processing Software on OS X

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Mosflm Home Page

Mosflm home page

You can get information on mosflm as well as both source code and pre-compiled binaries from that page.

In general, it is best to use what is comes with CCP4.

There may also be a fink package for mosflm that may have a more current version (usually this is true only when the release of CCP4 is near the end of the cycle).

Notes on New imosflm GUI on OS X

Clink on the above link to get to my notes.

There is also a fink package called imosflm that installs various tcltk extensions required for the new gui. It uses whatever mosflm is at the head of the path. It uses an X-windows version of tk.

You can also install an aqua-based tcltk (the one that comes by default is not adequate) as described on the mosflm iMosflm page


There are versions of XDS for OS X available from the XDS site.


There is an OS X version of HKL2000. I have no experience with it.

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