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What is Eden?

Eden is crystallographic real-space electron-density refinement and optimization program that produces electron density maps with minimal model bias in a robust manner.

Quick Links

I am now hosting the Eden Home Page.

I also have an Eden Quick Start page. This gives an example of how to use Eden to make a minimally biased electron density map given a set of coordinates and a set of Fobs.

How to Install Eden

Use Fink

Eden is available as a package in Fink and by far the easiest thing to do is to issue the command

fink install eden

and it takes about two minutes to compile, and everything is set up for you. Issue

fink describe eden

for additional details.

Manual Install

1. Download Eden from the Eden website, and put the tar file into /usr/local/eden (or your favorite equivalent).

2. Unpack the tar file and read the README_FIRST file. Install fftw2, gsl and grace if you don't have these already (which is why doing all this with fink makes more sense.)

3. Edit the Makefile to include the following:

libs=-L/sw/lib -lfftw -lm

(Use the -L/path(s) to wherever your fftw2 and gsl libraries are.)

4. Make other suggested edits to the Makefile, including:

mv eden /usr/local/bin/eden    

5. Issue the command

export EDENHOME /usr/local/eden

if you use a Bourne-like shell, or

setenv EDENHOME /usr/local/eden  

if you use tcsh. Put the relevant command into the relevant startup file. Then to build the program, issue the commands

cd $EDENHOME/source
sudo make  (or run make after becoming root).
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