Installing Molecular Graphics Software on OS X

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  1. Coot on OS X
  2. O on OS X
  3. PyMol on Mac OS X
  4. CCP4mg
  5. iMol
  6. Chimera
  7. Swiss-PDB viewer
  8. VMD Visual Molecular Dynamics
  9. Bobscript Molscript extensions
  10. jmol (browser-based javascript applet)
  11. Fink enables you to installl
    1. Coot
    2. PyMOL (X-windows version)
    3. Rasmol
    4. Ribbons
    5. MolMol
    6. Povray
    7. Raster3D
    8. gopenmol
    9. molden
    10. xmakemol



Although OS X now supports old-fashioned CRT-based stereographics, both native and X11, you need a special (expensive) video-card and an appropriate CRT monitor. I don't have either, so I am hoping someone else will help by making a stereographics on os x page.

I did however acquire a Zalman LCD monitor capable of stereographic display with Coot, PyMOL, O, Chimera and probably some others.

LCD Stereo: Zalman monitor

The least expensive and perhaps best option for stereographic display is the new Zalman LCD monitor.


Please refer to the COOT wiki page that describes how to set everything up for coot, and to the PyMOL Zalman page for a useful general description.

With the proliferation of LCD 3D TVs, this sort of think will probably become commonplace.

PowerMate Dial


Griffin Technologies makes a metal dial that is programmable and can be used with O, PyMOL and Coot, among other applications.

PowerMate Dial web site

Here are instructions on how to configure it:

PowerMate_dial_configuration_v2.x for O. Most is generalizable, so read this first even if you read the following:

Using powermate dials with PyMOL

Using powermate dials with coot

SGI Dialboxes

David Gohara has figured out how to use SGI dialboxes with Apple computers.

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