Installing Shelx on OS X

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Installing Shelx manually is easy

1. Obtain a license and download Shelx source code (unix.tgz).

2. Install ccp4 (and if you are using fink, be sure to install ccp4-dev).

3. Install gfortran (the gcc43 package in fink).

4. Issue the commands

tar xvfz unix.tgz
cd unix
chmod a+x install_shelx.zsh
./install_shelx.zsh /usr/local/bin

(You can substitute any bin directory in your $PATH for /usr/local/bin.)

5. You might also want to get hkl2map and put it in your $PATH

6. I recommend using coot rather than xfit. Coot reads foo.phs files produced by shelx.

Alternatively, you can just download the binary distribution for shelx.


The hkl2map TCLTK gui running in the OS X aqua environment.

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