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Basic Aspects of Scientific Computing on OS X

This wiki evolved from my Crystallography on OS X website, and indeed now contains most of it. The wiki is designed to treat a few topics in more depth, thus augmenting that website. I would also like to make this a little more general, to cover topics such as NFS networks, that are of interest to a wider audience. More specifically, this wiki is intended to provide more detailed instructions for specialized topics, such as getting your fink installation to use packages that I have pre-compiled. Up until now, I've been putting these sorts of details on the main web site, but frequently there is outdated information, simply because I can't keep track of it all. In addition, there is no reason why the user community should not be able to edit and add to this stuff. It is after all intended to be a community resource. If you see something that is out of date, or find a broken link, or think there is an omission, please feel free to fix it. Please don't delete my hard work.

Crystallography on OS X Blog

Get news updates regarding fink packages and other commentary, and provide comments and suggestions of your own, by visiting the new

Table of Contents for this wiki

  1. For the Absolute Beginner
  2. Quick Start
    1. Install Apple's Xcode
    2. Install Apple's
    3. Install Fink (and MacPorts if you need it)
      1. Getting your fink installation to use packages that I have pre-compiled
  3. General Topics
  4. Crystallography on OS X
  5. Biophysics on OS X
  6. NMR on OS X
  7. Chemistry on OS X

Other Topics

  1. Specific Programs
    1. Coot wiki
    2. Eden
    3. PyMol
  2. Scientific Computing on Ubuntu Linux (It's not Mac OS X. Sue me.)
  3. Sandbox Experiment here.
  4. Running Linux via Parallels inside another operating system Run linux without every leaving OS X or Windoze.
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