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I need someone who is willing to maintain this page!

I've put together a fairly extensive Crystallography on OS X set of pages, and there is a lot of stuff there that should be of use to NMR people.

A number of people have asked me to help with installing NMR programs. I don't know much about NMR software (or NMR for that matter) so am probably not a great information source. However, here are a few links that might be of use.

Visit Logan Donaldson's website for a number of useful programs compiled as stand-alone installations.

Look at NMR in Fink to see what might be of use.

  1. Quick Start: How to install basic unix functionality (X-windows, compilers, GNU and Open-Source software, etc. via Fink).
  2. Molecular Visualization: How to install some molecular visualization software (like molmol).
  3. How to compile Cyana on OS X using g77 and without having to repartition your hard drive.
  4. Installing CNS on OS X
  5. Sparky is available for OS X. It is now also available via Fink
  6. NMRPipe and Related Software is available for OS X.
  7. iNMR: NMR processing for the Macintosh.
  8. jVisualizer
  9. NMRView
  10. CARA, a free program for the analysis of Biomolecular NMR spectra, is available for OS X.
  11. NMR Wiki
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