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/etc/nfs.conf/usr/bin/startxgl.sh10.5.4 /sw directories for intel and ppc
64-bit Fink for 10.6
64-bit Fink for 10.8ACL: Access Control Lists
A big messApply-cs.scmApt-get installed these packages.
Archived notes on previous upgradesBackups and CloningBiophysics on OS X
Bootstrap CompilationBuilding a stand-alone coot on OS X
CCP4-6.1.0 on Ubuntu IbexCNS data reading scriptChemistry on OS X
Compiling ccp4 on OS XComposite Example Script
CootCoot-0.5-final for Intel 10.5 onlyCoot-0.5-final for ppc 10.4 only
Coot-0.5-final for ppc 10.5 onlyCoot-0.5-pre-1-1391 for Intel 10.5 onlyCoot-0.5-pre-1-1391 for ppc 10.5 only
Coot-0.5-pre-1-968 for Intel 10.5 onlyCoot-0.5-pre-1-968 for PPC 10.5 onlyCoot-0.5.1-pre1 1661 for ppc 10.5 only
Coot-0.5.1-pre1 for Intel 10.5 and 10.4Coot-0.5.1-pre1 revision 1661 for intel-10.4-10.5Coot-0.5.2 stable for G5-ppc-10.5
Coot-0.5.2 stable for intel-10.4-10.5Coot dependencies in finkCreating Music
Crystallography-on-osx-urlCrystallography on OSX BlogCrystallography on OS X
Crystallography on UbuntuCurrent eventsDouble-check
EdenEditors for OS XEtc/apt/sources.list
Example Script 1Example cns solve env.shExplanations for each zsh template file
Explanations for each zsh template file -- version 1 -- now obsoleteExtended AttributesExtras I Can't Live Without
FinkFink 10.4Fink Intel
Fink Manual InstallFink PPCFink for 10.10
Fink for 10.11Fink for 10.9Footnode.html
For the Absolute BeginnerFortran alternatives for intel macsGeneral Topics
Get the absolute bleeding edgeGetting your fink installation to use packages that I have pre-compiledGhemical
Google-urlHard linkHardware Accessories
How I made the bltwish packageHow I modified imosflmHow to Activate the Unstable Branch
How to install a pre-compiled coot with finkHow to install coot with finkHow to set up you Unix Environment for OS X
IXsystems FreeNAS mini: a ZFS-based turn-key NASInstall CCP4 on LinuxInstall CNS with Fink
Install the 10.4 X11 on 10.5Installing CCP4 on OS X
Installing CCTBX on OS XInstalling CNS 1.1 on OS XInstalling CNS on OS X
Installing Coot on OS XInstalling Data Processing Software on OS XInstalling EDEN on OS X
Installing Fink on 10.5 and earlier
Installing Fink on 10.6 and 10.8Installing Molecular Graphics Software on OS XInstalling Phenix and CCTBX on OS X
Installing Phenix on OS XInstalling Sharp on OS XInstalling Shelx on OS X
Installing Solve on OS XInstalling USF programs automaticallyInstalling ZSH templates on Linux
Jack Howarth's detailed instructions for building gfortranLatest VersionLion upgrade notes
List of bioinformatics packages in finkList of coot dependencies
Main PageMake the unix-type root directories visible in the FinderMake zsh your default user shell
Man auto masterManually install a binary CNS package
Manually install one or two packagesMolecular Graphics Display Programs on OS X
Most Recent Upgrade and BerylMounting NFS filesystems using /etc/fstab on OS X 10.5Mtn Lion upgrade notes
My CNS tweaks for OS XNFSNFS Workarounds
NFS on OS X 10.4 and earlierNFS on OS X 10.5 and above
NMR on OS XNo nfs automount 10.5
Notes on New imosflm GUI on OS XNquist-afplayNyquist
OObsolete usf pageOld coots
Older Stand-Alone Coot packagesOlder versions of cootOther self-contained installs
OthersPimp my MacPowerMate dial configuration v2.x
Powermate-coot.scmPyMol on Mac OS XQuantum Chemistry for the masses
Quick StartQuick Start : Intel-based OS XRunning Linux via Parallels inside another operating system
Running X11 programs that require 256 colors or 8-bit displayRunning a Mail ServerSSH and Tunneling
SandboxSave-partial.scmScientific Computing on Ubuntu
Scottlab-urlScriptScript 1
Script extensions.scmScript latest-files.scmSlides-url
Snow Leopard upgrade notesSome OSX-specific ccp4 improvementsSome Useful Unix Links to Help You Get Started
Sources.list for 10.5 and 10.4 intel onlySources.list for 10.5 and 10.4 ppc onlySources.list for 10.5 intel only
Sources.list for 10.5 ppc onlySources.list for 10.6 intel onlyStand-Alone Coot
Stand-alone Coot for 10.10Stand-alone Coot for 10.11Stand-alone Coot for 10.13
Stand-alone Coot for 10.6
Stand-alone Coot for 10.8 and 10.9Subvert the automounter
Terminal Application and AlternativesThe /etc/auto * filesThe Filesystem Structure
Third-Party Unix SoftwareUnix and OS X: Terminal, iTerm and other alternativesUnix and OS X: The Absolute Essentials
Unix and OS X: The EssentialsUnix and OS X: Third-Party Unix Software
Upgrading 32-bit Fink from 10.5 to 10.6Use elbow.builder with SMILES stringsUse mine
Using powermate dials with PyMOLUsing powermate dials with cootWTF is this?
What CCP4 packages to install with 10.3 or 10.4-transitionalWhat CCP4 packages to install with 10.4 or 10.5 on ppc or intel
Why zsh Should Be the Default Shell on OS XWorkarounds for mounting NFS disksX11
X11 more detailsXcodeXcode Other Options
Xtal-on-osx-urlYou Need to Install X-WindowsZSH Template Function Suites
ZSH on OS XZSH on OS X: Installing customization templatesZSH on OS X Overview
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