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Coot for OS X 10.13 (or later) ONLY

Be sure to install the latest stable X11 from (2.7.9 as of May 05, 2016).

I'm trying an incremental automated build procedure. This is experimental, but hopefully it will work reasonably well. The idea is every day there is a new svn revision, it will be automatically detected, downloaded, and compiled, and then wrapped up into an Apple installer package for you to download at your convenience.

These are now packaged as standard Apple install packages only. Download the zip file and click on it to uncompress it, and then just follow the installer.

Everything will be installed in /opt/coot, except for a executable shell script called "coot" that will be installed in /usr/local/bin/coot. Install the package, and then run it by issuing the command


If you move it from /opt/coot, you will break it.

Reload/refresh the web page if you only see a blank space below.

Base Install of Coot Dependencies

First, install the base package. (If you already have revision 7607 or higher, you can skip this step.) This package includes all of coot's dependencies, as well as coot rev. 7607. You should only have to do this once.

Incremental Updates for Coot

Then, download and install the most recent incremental revision (starts with 7631):

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